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Healing From A Distance - WHO

The World Health Organization(WHO) describes telemedicine as ” Healing from a distance”. This refers to the freedom of getting treatment without stepping out from your home to visit a doctor. The first application of telemedicine applied in 1905 by a Dutch Physician in Uninted States.


Access our digital health care services, using our innovations in digital health technologies to detect the root cause of your illness or that of your loved family member, or friend or well wisher in need of health care.


At Biorepair International, we provide in-person, and remote also called distant diagnosis and integrative treatments, using our state-of-the-parts European made digital health technologies to detect the root cause of our patients’ chronic illnesses. These are done by in-person full body scan; or by remote (distant) diagnosis, using the patients’ specimen fingernail or toenail or hair cuttings which they send to our office by courier. These specimens are non-invasive (non-harmful). We do not use conventional blood, urine or faeces for our test on our patients.


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Nutritional Medicine

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Our patients, local and international are given integrative treatments. We use our European made digital health technologies to provide frequency energy therapies that are delivered to the patients by electromagnetic field through each patient’s fingernail or toenail or hair specimen which are unique by nature to the individuals, similar to a person’s telephone SIM card with its assigned phone number which are used to communicate with the owner at all times, no matter where he/she lives in the world ….

While we use our digital health technologies to de-activate the root cause of the patients’ chronic ill-health, which in most cases are as a result of infections caused by diverse bacterial, viruses, parasites and other microbes. These are done from our office in Lagos via remote treatment.


When the digital treatment are going on from our office, we arrange to deliver nutritional and phytomedicines to the patients to provide the vitamins, minerals and other biosupportives needed by the cells to effect health recoveries needed by our patients.